Prebiotics are basically fertilizers for the gut, taking all those healthy probiotics you’ve consumed and firing them to do their work. Prebiotics are fibres and carbohydrates found that resist digestion in the small intestine, which then reach the colon where they’re fermented by gut flora. They become fuel for probiotic compounds, aiding the diversity of intestinal bacteria. In the past the approach was to feed the gut with probiotic bacteria via supplements or foods like yogurt. But it’s now recognised that overall diet quality, including prebiotics, is just as important in maintaining the good gut bacteria. Raw foods contain more prebiotics than cooked, so swap your boiled vegetables for a salad. Other food sources of prebiotics include psyllium, beans, banana, leeks, asparagus, onion, garlic, oats and soyabean. However if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome( IBS) or stomach troubles , consult your dietician before changing your diet. Also whenever you add extra fiber in your diet, introduce it gradually and drink lots of water or fluids.

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