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Ryanair boss calls on Lufthansa to “keep its mouth shut” over its calls to relax EU flight rules. Nuclear power is dividing the government coalition as the issue gains prominence thanks to rising electricity prices. Guidelines on customs rules and tax measures during the COVID-19 pandemic DG TAXUD develops and implements the Commission`s policy on the following topics: Commission Work Programme – Overview of institutional results for the current year The European Commission offers a range of training and education materials on customs and tax issues China imposes trade sanctions on the EU due to the warming of EU diplomatic relations From Vilnius to Taiwan. On 22nd December the European Commission presented an important initiative to combat the abuse of letterbox companies for abusive tax purposes. Tenders, grants and expressions of interest From the royal succession to the introduction of vaccinations, joe Biden`s fart and the violent outbursts of a diplomat`s wife, these are the stories that have made readers click this year. In order to increase transparency, the European Commission publishes the documents and proceedings of the various comitology committees and meetings of the Expert Group on Taxation and Customs. Economy Minister Robert Habeck expects the green change to trigger “disappointment and perhaps anger” in part of the population. Rome`s fierce opposition to an EU traffic light label is tipping the conflict in its favor, the Italian government said. On the 17th. In November 2021, DG TAXUD organised a special information session to present its new Customs Control Instrument (CIIC) to its equipment manufacturers and service providers. Annual Activity Report – Departmental Achievements, Resources Used Last Year The EU has spent millions of dollars on rule of law efforts in potential future EU countries such as Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro. Liz Truss says she wants a solution in negotiations with the EU, but will trigger Article 16 if necessary. This Commission service is responsible for the EU`s tax and customs policy.

Berlin will not join any legal action against Brussels over its sustainable investment criteria. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the Withdrawal Agreement, the online purchases of the UK Management Plan – Results, activities, planned resources of the Ministry for the current year Planned consultations, open consultations, closed consultations Since 1 July 2021, VAT rules for cross-border business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce activities changed. New coalitions could help Europe move forward on old problems. Strategic Plan – Ministerial Strategy, Goals for 2020-2024 We look at the big stories we plan to shape 2022 and suggest some New Year`s resolutions for European politicians – and the Director General of DOT Europe. Workers at Europe`s largest coal company want more money for extra work and to cope with rising inflation. The controversial initiative highlights the divergence between Germany and France on energy targets. Study on an integrated and innovative revision of EU rules on e-commerce transactions from third countries from a customs and tax point of view. Despite Russia, energy prices and climate disasters, the EU still loves natural gas. Advisory groups should gain wider public support for trade agreements. Commission decides to extend duty and VAT exemption for imports of medical and protective equipment needed to fight the pandemic in 23 EU member states German Foreign Minister said a European Parliament proposal to ban imports of forced labour was “fair”.